BTCjam review summary

BTCjam is a Bitcoin peer-to-peer lending company. BTCjam is a platform that matches borrowers and lenders. As a borrower, you can get funding for your investments and pay interest in return. As a lender, you provide money to the borrowers and earn interest in return. BTCjam is the largest Bitcoin peer-to-peer actor on the market. BTCjam was founded in 2012 and have received extensive seed financing.

We have used the service since summer 2014 and experienced some losses in the early days. That was when we used manual investments and the auto invest function was not invented. However now we use the auto invest function, and our yearly ROI is 11 % with the moderate setting.

BTCjam review profitability

The profitability at BTCjam varies between lenders. The depends on which risk an investor takes. The auto invest function have three different preset settings. The loans are credited from highest A to lowest D. The three different autoinvest plans are:

Minimize risks and only invests in A and B loans. 3-15% ROI.

Invests in A, B, and C rated loan listings. 15-30% ROI.

Invest across all loan ratings (A, B, C, and D). 15-45% ROI.

BTCjam statistics

BTCjam has lenders and borrowers all around the world. BTCjam doesn´t accept U.S. customers. In April 2016 BTCjam had funded 19333 loans. The total amount of the loans were $16 million.

Return statistics

BTCjam review statistics

BTCjam investors

As an investor in BTCjam platform, you don´t need the same ID verification as a borrower. You can browse the loans and choose where to invest.

1. Choose your loans

Choose your loans according to what interest you are looking for. Also, weigh the interest against the risk. BTCjam has an algorithm that sets the rating. The total repayment is around 90%.  The algorithm handles several hundreds of data points.

2. Build a diversified portfolio

To success with a peer-to-peer portfolio, diversification is a must. You should spread your bitcoins in small parts across many loans. This  will reduce your exposure to risk since a single default will not affect you much. 

3. Contribute to the community

Collect information from the community and also contribute yourself to the community. Rate your borrowers to help other investors. 


BTCjam borrowers

The application process is simple.

1. Create your loan
The loan is created in 4 steps.
  • Select the purpose for your funds,
  • Select the amount to borrow
  • Select how long you need the loan for
  • Get you interest rate

2. Watch it get funded

Watch your loan get funded and access the money. 

3. Withdraw your money

Use BTCjam´s partners to easily withdraw your needed funds.

4. Make your payments

Make fixed payments easily. All loans have an affordable fixed rate - easy for payment planning.

BTCjam loan purposes

Loan purposes at BTCjam are diverse. Below you can see the different purposes for a borrower at BTCjam. The two dominating reasons are for business and "other".


BTCjam loan purposes


BTCjam loans credit score

The borrower´s loans have a different credit score at BTCjam. The credit scores are A, B, C and D. A has the highest rating (most secured) and D the lowest rating (least secured). In the picture below you can see the proportions between them.

BTCjam loans credit score

BTCjam support

BTCjam support is available via login ticket form. BTCjam is also active on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. BTCjam have an extensive F.A.Q. section.

BTCjam note trading

It´s always possible to sell your loan investment as a note on BTCjam. Start from the Dashboard and click on the Investments tab. At the bottom of the investments screen you will see your current investments  with the option “Issue Sell Order” by clicking this you will create a new note.  You need a certain degree of ID verification to be able to perform this process.


BTCjam losses

BTCjam handles losses and late payments as follows. 

  • Borrower does not make payment as planned by the terms of the loan,
  • A notice of Default is sent to the borrower.
  • At the same time, the investors will be notified.
  • If the Default remains unsolved for 90 days, the entire loan will be sent forward to BTCjam´s arbitration partner (
  • net-ARB review the loan and certify default and issue an Award in favor of the investor(s) for the full amount still owed. The Arbitration Award is binding and cannot be appealed. This Award may be used to procure a judgment against the borrower in a court of law. (Net-ARB will provide the investor(s) with all other information necessary to pursue a judgment).

BTCjam review sign up bonus

 BTCjam review offers you a sign-up bonus of $20. The amount will be deposited into your account when you fulfill either one of the following options:

  1. Pays back a loan of at least $250
  2. Creates an AutoInvest plan that makes at least $250 worth of investments.

To receive the award you need to have Identity Verified and either Facebook or Linkedin connected.

BTCjam review create account

Go to BTCjam and create an account.

BTCjam create ccount